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Docker Overview

term comment
Docker image image Lightweight, executable snapshop of an application to run. Holds code, env, libs, runtime, config files, etc.
Docker Container container Executed, running image. Runs completely isolated from host environment.
Docker Kernel Kernel One Docker Kernel per host. It's a layer between containers and Host OS, that allows containers to run natively.
Docker Service Service A service runs multiple replicas of a container. Handles load balancing, sclaing, etc, in prod. In that contaxt, a container is called a task.
Docker App App It's a swarm. Manages multiple services and how they interact between each other. Docker-managed SoA in a way.
Docker Swarm Swarm Group Group of machines (physical or virtual) -called nodes- running multiple apps in a cluster. Swarm Manager is 1 machine controlling the others (send commands etc).

Docker Cheatsheet

command comment
docker login login through CLI
docker run <img> run <img>
docker build . build image from Dockerfile located at .
docker image ls list all local images
docker container ls list all running containers
docker container stop <id> stop container with <id>
docker service ls list all running services
docker service ps <name> list tasks (containers) running inside service <name>
docker swarm init init a swarm app (required for docker-compose)
docker stack deploy c- docker-compose.yml <name> run swarm app with <name>
docker stack rm <name> take down service <name>
docker swarm leave remove machine from swarm. --force required for host